Tuesday, November 24, 2009

If you don't like it, fuck you

I recently read today that some Navy SEALs who captured a terrorist are going to be court-martialed. Not just any terrorist either, but some douchey asshole who decided that after killing 4 Blackwater USA employees who were NOT combat soldiers, that they would burn their bodies, drag them through town, and then hang them up so the media could take all the pictures they want.

And what did these Navy fucking SEALs do to this suspect? Apparently, he received a bloody lip while he was in someone's custody. Frankly, all of this shit is alleged, and if it weren't for the fucking hippie, tree hugging, douche bag left wing suck-bags, then we wouldn't even be having this discussion. But we are. So know this, I will never be a SEAL. Frankly, I don't have what it takes. But these guys did. And they followed every single order given to them. Did this ass fucking douche-nuts get a bloody nose? Maybe. But did he organize the total desecration of 4 bodies? Yes. So was the bloody nose warranted? Honestly, this shouldn't be a fucking question. Should we destroy their careers over a possibility that they might have touched a terrorist while trying to fucking detain him? Fuck NO!!!

And if you disagree with me, fuck you, and stop hating America.

- Bunny

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  1. Oh for God's sake. Did any of these panty waists see the photos of those BURNT HUMAN beings? Did any of these thumb sucking nancy bitches have any compassion or sympathy for the innocent BURNT American workers? Or do they think that they deserved it because they couldn't see straight through their hatred for "McChimpyHaliburtonBlackwaterJackBootBooooooosh"?

    How can anyone look at those images and not want to give those sand nits a bloody lip themselves?

    There is something very, very wrong with these peoples thinking if they feel more for a fucking damned terrorist than four innocent American workers trying to make a living and HELPING THE PEOPLE OF THAT COUNTRY!

    All these asswipes think is that those people are greedy and taking advantage of the poor, poor Iraqis; just as much as they despise anyone in this country who makes a lot of money and is white and male. They think people like that deserve to be burnt and dragged through the streets because they were "greedy" and didn't care about the poor and downtrodden. These are sick mother fuckers who think that is ok. These are also the same pieces of shit who piss and moan about having to help their fellow man.

    Fucking hippies. Fucking liberals. Liberalism is a mental disease. This right here proves that.