Saturday, November 28, 2009


So Fluffy and I stopped by a gas station this morning before beginning a road trip today. We walk into the gas station and after acquiring delicious beverages walk to the front to check out.

Along the way, we see some Bagelfuls filled with Philadelphia Cream Cheese. Fluffy starts in on "Oh, Philadelphia fucking cream cheese. If it were New York cream cheese, it would have steroids in it."

Of course I reply with the standard, "If it were New York City cream cheese, it would blow your fucking mind. All Philly cream cheese knows how to do is lose the World Series!"

At this point, the ugly troll behind the counter decides to inject himself into our conversation. He starts by asking, "when was the last time Philly won a World Series?" After being presented with the all to obvious truth of one year ago, he says, "I mean BEFORE that." He then admits that Philly gave the Yankees a run for their money(which I've already conceeded). He then drops this nugget of ignorant garbage, "I still can't believe Poo-holes(that's the phonetic spelling courtesy of won the NL MVP."

For those of you not interested in sports, Pujols dominated this year. Yes, Fluffy accuses him of doing steroids, but 1) there is no evidence of that and 2) he's just upset that he's so good. He deserved it and anyone who thinks differently should consider the fact that he's only the 6th person ever to be unanimously selected as the NL MVP.

See, this blog can be informative AND fun.

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