Friday, November 6, 2009

Dynasty, Destiny, or Devastation

(Written on 5 Nov. Posted on 6 Nov due to stupid Crackberry issues.)

As many of you now know, the Yankees are the best team in the MLB. Last night, behind the powerful bat of Hideki Matsui, they topped the Phillies in what can only be described as one of the best World Series’ in this decade.

Some background: I am a die hard Yankees fan, and Fluffy drinks the proverbial kool-aid known as Phillie Phandom.(You gotta use the PH in place of the F when you’re talking about Philly. Try that shit out, it’s pretty fun.) Obviously, with the closeness of our friendship, and the fact that our teams were facing each other for the highest honors in MLB, Oct/Nov was destined to be a very intense time. If I had to estimate the number of profanity laced insults that were hurled across battle lines, it would be somewhere in the range of 475, 638.(Fluffy says this estimate may be a little low.)

In keeping with my promise to Fluffy that I would not brag about the Yankees accomplishments, I will only cover two topics here. Both topics grind my gears, and if you disagree with me, then you obviously don’t watch baseball often enough, hate America, or both.

Issue One:

Hideki Matsui was not the series MVP. The series MVP is an award that should be handed out to the person that is the best baseball player during the series. If you hit the shit out of the ball, but have 12 errors while fielding, then you suck, please move along. If you field the ball perfectly, but strike out 13 times(*cough* Ryan Howard *cough*) then you obviously aren’t the MVP. So the issue at heart here is whether the DH, Hideki Matsui, deserves the MVP award. Chase Utley hit 5 HR’s, tying Reggie Jackson’s record for most HR’s in a World Series. A-Rod, while slumping early, still managed to help the Yankees finish out some very tough games. In my humble opinion, although Matsui had an amazing Game 6, he only played in 3 games, and there are more deserving players.

Issue Two:

Why are the Yankees so hated? I’ve heard a couple of bullshit namby pamby reasons, and I am going to tear them apart for your literary pleasures.

“They spend too much money”

If they didn’t MAKE the money, they wouldn’t spend it. Therefore, they must be making plenty of money to cover salaries, plus a small profit. For those of you that may have just immigrated for Russia, and therefore don’t know better, this is a concept called Capitalism. Regardless of what the Democrats will try to tell you, it is a concept that America has thrived on for hundreds of years. Did the Yanks spend the most money? Yes. Did they win the title because they spent the most money? That’s open to interpretation. If you are going to accuse the Yankee’s of buying the title, there are some important facts that you should know. In the last 10 years, there are a total of 2 repeat winners. Not back-to-back, but winning twice in the 10 years. The Yankee’s became the second team last night, but it had been 9 years since they won previously. Obviously the money isn’t everything.

“A-Rod admitted to steroid usage.”

This one is understandable. I don’t agree with him using steroids, but at the same time, unless you can prove he has used them while playing for the Yankees, your point is moot.(I’m not 100% sure if this is the correct usage of the word “moot” but it’s my blog, and I’m gonna use it here.)

“I don’t like the owner.”

No bullshit, I actually heard this from a caller on the radio. I am hoping that there isn’t more then one idiot out there, but just in case there is, please inform me of WHY?!?!? He is less involved then Al Davis, less cocky then Jerry Jones, and less vocal then Mark Cuban. I have never heard of Steinbrenner “over-managing” his team. I’m gonna chalk this one up to some idiot looking for a reason to hate America’s best team.

With this, I will end all baseball discussion until next season. However, if anyone would like to contradict, or counter anything I have said, please feel free to email me at

- Bunny

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