Monday, November 30, 2009

Ah, the Joy of Censorship

Welcome to another rant, courtesy of me. If you have a problem with language, hippie bashing, or pretty much get offended easily, you might wanna turn away now.

When I started this blog, I thought it's be fun to get some readers, interract, and generally have a good time with it. I started plugging it on the Amazon forum's, and I'll admit, I got out of hand. I was commenting on things that had nothing at all to do with it. After some poking and prodding, I realized the errors of my way and stopped posting on each thread I saw. Instead, I started signing my posts(that were relevant to the topic) as Bunny and then a link to the site. Even this wasn't fucking good enough for the ass holes on the forum.(Note: I am not calling everyone on the forum an ass hole. I am mainly referring to Vicky and Dan)

Due to what I'm assuming was someone being a little pussy bitch and complaining to Amazon, I received an email from them saying that I was spamming the forum. I won't bore you with the semantics of the email, but it basically said stop, or your posting privileges will be taken away. I responded as such:

1) I admit I was spamming before, I apologized and have stopped.
2) I only put the link to my blog in my signature block, and don't mention it any other way, except in appropriate threads. This is something employed by Bufo Calvin with his Author's Page and by another blogger for her page.
3) I created one thread about my blog(as did Red Adept for her book review blog.)

They responded as follows:

Signature blocks can't contain links. Only web addresses. And then those addresses can not be to an item for sale. Only to a fucking Author's Page, which LISTS the fucking books for sale by that person!

Although they only addressed one of my issues, they took it upon themselves to delete every single entry I had made. Including the thread I had started. However, Red Adept's thread is still up.

Now don't get me wrong, this is Amazon's site, they can edit the threads as they see fit. However, I am taking issue with the whiny fucking pussy asshole Dan T. Consider your bitch ass called out. Time to face the music you fucking crybaby.

1) You fucking blatantly lied in your review of my blog. When I responded with facts, you cried about me bashing women(because you're a bitch) and refused to admit that you were wrong.
2) You are a fucking bitch. You are offended by the fact that I asked women to show me their tits while drinking with friends. The fucking women that I asked thought it was hilarious, but your pansy ass finds it offensive. Then there is the fact that you got offended by me saying women "used to put out". My own wife thought that was funny but you're oversensitive douche bag self got offended by it. GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELF!!!
3) Why do you feel the need to cry like a fucking girl everytime I post on the thread. If you don't like it, ignore it and move the fuck on with your pathetic excuse for a life. I understand that your parents hate you, and that you are looking for attention by picking fights with people that think differently then you. I get that. But you're picking a fight with the wrong fucking person.

From here on out, every person who tries to bitch about some trivial shit that I have done, is going to get called out. That's the beauty of this blog. I get to write whatever the fuck I want, whenever the fuck I want.

So do it again. Narc to Amazon that I included a link to my blog in a post. Throw your stupid ass, "moderate conservative"(I'm calling bullshit on that) opinions in on a thread. Every fucking time you speak out against me, I will call you out. I will let every reader I have know how much of a pussy you are.

For anyone who reads this know that I have given Dan a chance to respond. He is afraid. He writes a review on my blog, and then when he gets called out, he fades into oblivion.

If you didn't like this entry, don't worry, not every one will be like this. However, I am tired of being told that I am different from any other blogger, simply because I (along with Fluffy) are willing to touch those subjects that aren't popular. If you like the blog, a review on Amazon wouldn't hurt. If you hate it, then stop reading, find something else, and move on.

- Bunny


  1. You are the vulgar scum that played censor, but just couldn't admit it and decided to shriek like a freak instead.

    You continue to attack people on your sicko blog and are only talking to yourself and your 2 friends. Weirdo. Do you really think anyone is going to pay for your trash talk?

    It's obvious that you only seek to start fights with the hope and prayer that it will bring your lousy blog much needed attention. Guess what dippy? We don't have to like your lousy blog to post a review of it. We should all report you to Google for violating terms of service by selling this blogspot blog. Call that out freak.

    sign me "Not Dan"

  2. I find it comical that after you apologized for an action, you then returned to doing the action you apologized for. I also saw the one that precipitated this latest whiny-assed five-year-old-I-didn't-get-a-cookie-so-I'm-going-to-whine-about-it before Amazon completely deleted the entire thread because the self-promotion (aka spam)was so blatent. This latest "spam" came one came two weeks or so after your apology and promise not to do so and was so blatent that Amazon ran out of patience with you and had to send you the letter. Still, you fail to take responsibility for your own actions and blame others. That's the American way nowadays it seems. I thought Conservatives stood for accountability for one's actions...I know I do.

    I also find it funny that you say he lied in his review, especially when he posts several examples using your very own words when you forced him to defend his review. You provided him with plenty of ammunition. He wasn't firing blanks. He also answered every single one of your objections and answered them very effectively in my opinion. Your other two reviewers reviews are so "vanilla" and lacking of any real substance that they seem like they are your friends trying to wrongly pump your star rating.

    It is also funny that you "call" out an Amazon poster, who submitted an honest review of your blog and call him scared to answer you. Why not post this on the Amazon forum where he likely will see it and give him a REAL chance to refute you. You call him scared, but he is just one reviewer and you've attacked him not once, but twice now. What are YOU afraid of? By the way, Dan T. vowed to never return 2 weeks before your latest idiotic whine-job so I'm sure he wouldn't see your "dare". You aren't stupid, I suspect you know that and are just trying to manipulate your readers. Oops Conservatives don't do that least I don't. Whatever happened to fair and balanced?

    I too, agree with many on the Amazon forums. Your blog is an example of why some people just SHOULDN'T blog. Seriously, stick with posts like "letter to my wife" if you want to have any credibility. Otherwise, continue to spout cusswords, foam at the mouth like a 5 year old, and bash anonymous Amazon people in your blog and lose what little you have left with the Kindle community.

    As a couple of final suggestions to you: When getting a negative review the best thing to do is say nothing. When Amazon sends you a letter slapping your wrist for being a douchebag, look in the mirror, admit to being a douchebag, and make the change that is needed. Don't blame others for your own wrong actions.

    You've made yourself look very bad here and are only reinforcing his argument.
    "A good marketer can chocolate coat a turd and sell it as candy, even if it is still just a turd."

    It's also not a good idea to call those who censored your posts, AKA, douchebags....just sayin'

    "Not Dan"--but he IS correct

  3. I understand that I was wrong when I began spamming. However, I don't think it is so much a problem of I have kept spamming, as it is no one will get over it. What do I mean? Well, i'm glad you asked.

    I was told last month that I should not take up an entire thread to advertise my blog, and should instead advertise in the monthly author's blog. So, being December 1st, I started a new thread entitles December's Author's Thread. And I advertised my blog and asked others to do theirs as well. There have been two posts. Both negative. Why? I was simply doing what was asked of me, and commenting in the monthly threads. Yet it still isn't good enough.

    And I am sorry if I misled you before, the point I was saying he lied about was not him calling me a misogynist. I disagree with him attacking my character, but that isn't what I was talking about. I was talking about when he mentioned the number of posts. He tried to say that my blog had been updated 6 times since June or whatever his argument was. While it was true in my blogs sense, I was not published on the Kindle the entire time. Now, anyone going to my site is met with a review that inaccurately describes the frequency of the posts.

    I know I made mistakes, and I know that I am not perfect, but I am trying to find a happy medium, and all I am being met with is criticism, and attacks that are the same thing over and over, even if I change.

  4. And if anyone wants to try to call me out for fair and balanced, I have yet to receive a single email disputing anything. Yes, you can comment on here, and the readers on the Kindle don't get to see it. Make a fake email up on google, and send me a response. It will be posted VERBATIM. That means word for word. Don't accuse me of misleading any readers I have when nobody has the gall to respond to where ALL of my readers can see it.