Tuesday, April 6, 2010

So what does it all mean

Well, the first game of the baseball season is complete, with the Red Sox squeaking out a comeback victory over the Yankees in Fenway park. So what does it all mean>

Well, first and foremost, baseball is back. Thats always a positive and something to look forward to, so it has to be mentioned.

Secondly, the Yankees still suffer at the middle reliever position. Chan Ho Park lost the game for the Yankees, plain and simple. Until the Yankees secure a decent middle reliever, they will continue to have to make comebacks in the late innings, hope the other team doesn't beat up the middle reliever TOO bad, or lose the game.

Third, the Red Sox still have the power to come back late in the game. The worst part about that is that I watch some of the games, and brag to Fluffy about how the other team is whomping on his team. More often then not, I have to eat my words, and I am NOT a fan of some humble pie.

Finally, the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry is still in full swing. Fluffy and I have gone at it already, and I anticipate many more clashes during the season. When it all boils down, thats what makes this time of year so great.


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