Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hypocrisy at its greatest

It has long been a fact that the media covers Conservative/Republican negativities much closer then those of their Liberal/Democratic opponents. It happened when George Bush was in office, it happened during the elections, and it is happening again.

The news has lambasted the Tea Party for the negative actions of a few select members. These members are racist, they are pricks, and more often then not, they are "infiltrators" that have one goal, to destroy the grassroots organization that protests against the government.

Hypocrisy #1 - There are people that infiltrate the Tea Party simply to try and destroy them because they disagree with the Government. These liberals that feel the need to stop conservative free speech, are the same liberals that were calling George Bush a murderer and a Nazi.

But to continue, there is now an immigration law in Arizona that makes it illegal to be an illegal immigrant in Arizona. People are protesting it all over the country. Somehow, this has gone unnoticed by many members of the media. For those members that are covering it, they describe those protesting as revolutionaries.

Hypocrisy #2 - Tea Party protestors are racist and hate filled. Immigration protestors are revolutionaries who are fighting for the common good.

These hypocritical acts of media coverage will continue forever. The media is not going to admit that they are wrong, and they aren't going to provide fair coverage.

Should we, as Americans, accept that?

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