Friday, October 16, 2009

Gawker vs. Me

So yesterday, I sent in an e-mail to Hamilton from the Gawker Media website. The following is the e-mail in full:


Damn dude. Why are you so angry? I have read some of the articles against Tucker Max, and I gotta ask, Who didn't love you enough as a child? You wrote somebullshit articleabout Tucker Max replacing College Radicalism. Just so we're clear on this, would that be the hippie, flower child love fest radicalism that was so prominent in the 60's? The same radicalism that bred children who voted Barack Obama into office? The same radicalism that took some pansy ass approach to terrorism leading to the attacks on 9/11? Dude, FUCK RADICALISM. How about we start promoting AMERICANISM. Stop your whiny bitching and try contributing something worthwhile to society. You are angry because college kids have read Tucker Max's "I Hope The Serve Beer in Hell". Why? Because you can't write for shit, and when someone can, you have to shit on them? That's what is so great about America. Anyone can prosper. Tucker Max appeals to fans because he hates the bitchy schoolgirl mentality that you possess. Get the fuck over yourself. You are garbage.
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I am sure you are wondering what the response is that I got from Hamilton before he posted my e-mail on his site, and here it is:

Yep, thats right folks. NOTHING.

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