Friday, October 9, 2009

Nobel a-PEACE-ment Prize

I know I should have given up on the Nobel Peace Prize after Al Gore won a few years ago, but I have to ask: ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Barack Fucking Obama? What in the HELL has he done to win the Nobel Peace Prize? Do they now award that hunk of junk to the person who apologizes the most to terrorists?

What about the Army National Guard soldier (Capt. Benjamin Sklaver, 32, of Hamden, Conn) who founded the Clean Water Initiative which was a non-profit group designed to bring clean water to hundreds of thousands of needy children in the Horn of Africa? His goal was to bring clean water to 250,000 people within 10 years, and instead, the Nobel Committee selected someone who had been in office for TWO WEEKS when the deadline hit. Way to go Nobel Committee. You showed the world today that you are, indeed, ass-hats.

Sorry, I thought I was done, but I'm not. Reading more about this shit, they are saying that the award is coming at the beginning and that there are great things to be expected of him. Well how about we just fucking give the World Series to the Yankees right now? Then we can say that we "expect great things" from them. Isn't that how it works now?

Better yet, how about we just give me the collest, baddest ass motherfucker alive award. I mean, in all fairness, there is a good chance that I MIGHT earn it. Man this crap pisses me off. When did it become ok to give out an award, BEFORE you have earned it? FUCK!!!!!!!!!

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