Monday, October 5, 2009

Why IHTSBIH is the BEST movie ever

Ok, so apparently there are a bunch of people that either didn't realize Tucker Max's movie, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, was coming out, or just didn't care. Therefore, I am going to do a brief review of the movie, and then suggest you watch it yourself.

For starters, READ THE BOOK. The movie is based loosely on a story in the book. It is called the Austin Road Trip Story. However, in the interest of entertainment, Tucker decided to change the story around so that it flows better, and frankly, made it a lot easier to watch. With that being said, READ THE BOOK. From cover to cover. Then go see the movie. I promise, you will enjoy both the book and the movie, and will see parts from multiple stories popping up in the movie.

On to the movie. The movie opens with Tucker banging a deaf chick. Obviously the deaf chick can't hear herself, so she is making some weird animalistic groaning sounds. Before they even showed anything, I knew exactly what was happening. The movie starts off with the entire theater laughing. Great stuff.

The movie then breaks out into a little story telling of who is who and what not. Really great stuff the way they introduced the characters. Then they go off on the road trip. Drew(a.k.a Slingblade) goes off on a rant about the pancakewich. For those of you that don't catch on, he is referencing a McGriddle. I can only assume that McDonalds either wouldn't let them use the name, or they just decided not to fuck with it and just make up their own sandwich. Either way, his rant is hilarious, and is almost verbatim from the book. Again, the entire theater was laughing.

Again, there is more funny stuff, and then the clincher. The Austin Road Trip story is probably my favoritest story of all time. (Yeah, favoritest isn't a fucking word, but it's also my blog, so fuck off if you don't like it.) Anyway, every time someone tells me they haven't heard of Tucker Max, I tell them to start with that story, knowing that if they read it, they will be hooked. There have been times when I have been sitting in the airport, and have literally had tears pouring down my face, simply from READING the story. Yeah, its that funny. I had seen in the previews that they had Tucker's character making the shuffle to the bathroom. Never in my life did I imagine it would be as funny as it was. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if it came out that the main character actually did shit his pants in order to make the scene. It was GOLD. I was relegated to tears, yet again, by this scene.

The rest of the movie deals with some conflict resolution, etc. Honestly, even though I knew pretty much what was going to happen, it was still worth it to watch.

Basically, this movie will have you laughing from beginning to end. All I ask is this: Go watch the movie, and don't cry when it makes fun of women, midgets, minorities, or the stupid bartender. Its a movie, its supposed to be humor. Laugh it up, and enjoy the movie. Trust me, its well worth the 9.50 per ticket.


  1. Hmmm...Your blog is advertised by a DWI lawyer.....Hmmmmm

  2. It's not advertised by them. It uses smart tagging, and since a previous blog included DUI references, it threw that in there.