Thursday, January 28, 2010

What IS the "State of our Union"

So what exactly IS the "State of our Union"?  Well, I guess that would depend on who you ask?  If you ask President Obama, our Union is concerned about passing healthcare, allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the military, and jobs.  Lets start with the most pressing issue, and go from there.  Jobs.  There is not doubt that American's are hurting.  Unemployment is in double digits, and American's need help.  But where was our White House on that topic 12 months ago, when the very first Executive Order that President Obama signed dealt with the closure of Guantanamo Bay?  An order that STILL has not been completed, and those of us that care about the safety of our nation believe that it should NOT be completed.  Where was the White House when they were bailing out banks on Wall Street with billions of dollars, while American's were getting thrown out of their houses?  Its a hell of a time to worry about jobs now.  At best, we will be able to put pressure on the wound, but it will not heal for a long time.
Let's discuss homosexuals in the military for a quick second because it is an easy issue.  Allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the military is a HUGE mistake.  I am not homophobic, I fully believe that gays can do whatever they want.  However, in Basic Training, and during deployments, it is drilled into you that if you get caught in the living areas of someone of the opposite sex, you will be Article 15 and possibly booted from the military.  Why?  They are worried about you having sex with each other.  It is a simplistic way to describe it, but it is what it boils down to.  When I deployed, we were all told that if you were caught in the room with someone of the opposite sex, EVEN WITH THE DOOR OPEN AND WATCHING TV, you were going to be Article 15'ed.  However, thanks to the White House, we can expect that sometime in the near future, two homosexual males or two homosexual females will be able to do as they please, but heterosexual males and females can not be in the same living quarters.  That is stupid, ignorant, and short-sighted, and only being done to please a small group of hippie punk-asses who don't even want to serve, just want to bitch.
Finally, lets discuss Healthcare, and then I am going to go into Democrat bashing mode.  I'm not gonna talk about how the majority of American's don't want a change to Healthcare.  I'm not gonna address the millions of people that have spoken out against healthcare, and the lawmakers that have ignored them.  I'm not even gonna discuss the fact that the lawmakers are considering voting on bills they haven't even read yet.  Nope, instead, i'm gonna give you the one month solution to all your healthcare woes. 
ALLOW HEALTH CARE TO BE SOLD ACROSS STATE LINES!  Its as simple as that.  Its not hard to set-up, its not hard to regulate, and it would drop the price of insurance overnight.  You can solve almost every single problem in one swipe of a pen.  High co-pays?  Not anymore.  If you allow healthcare to be competitive, there will be hundreds of choices for Americans to look at.  Its simple supply and demand.  It gets even better though.  If you force companies to register with the Federal Government before they are allowed to sell across state lines, you will be implementing quality assurance as well.  Force them to register to one centralized database, and tell them that if they want to keep their association, they will have to follow certain guidelines.  If citizens have a problem with a company, they can contact the centralized office, and they will investigate it, and if it is a valid complaint, then either force the company to fix the issue, or take away their ability to sell across state lines.  I bet you get plenty of companies to start acting more responsibly. 
Well, talking about this boring shit is getting old, so I'm gonna address a few peeves of mine that the White House feels the need to keep fucking up.
Defense of this country is imperative.  Our immigration guidelines are crap, our borders have more holes in them then swiss cheese, and our Government insists on fucking things up more and more for us.  How so, you ask?  Easy.  Ask Nancy Pelosi and her stupid ass idea to freeze Defense Spending.  Or whoever's dumb ass idea it was to put the 9/11 conspirators on CIVILIAN trial in New York City, which will make it a prime target.  Or the douche bag who made the call to treat the Christmas Day Bomber as an American Citizen with rights such as that to remain silent.  The worst part about the latter is that he was spilling his guts.  He was talking up a storm.  And then some fucktard in a suit walks in and says, "Hey dude, its cool, you can be quiet now.  We know you're a terrorist who tried to kill hundreds of people, but we want to provide you with a lawyer, who is going to insist you plead NOT FUCKING GUILTY to the attempted murder of 300 Americans."
Get fucking real America.  If this stuff doesn't piss you off, then you're probably part of the problem.  Our country is under attack.  Pretending this shit isn't happening isn't going to fix the problem.  Telling these  pricks that try to blow up airplanes that they can REMAIN SILENT isn't going to fix the fact that they get their jollies off detonating bombs that are strapped to their peckers.
And here's a final tidbit for your douchey-douche Democrats who voted for Obama because it was "the cool thing to do," the spending freeze he is suggesting is the same fucking thing John McCain suggested and Obama's retort was, "That's using a hatchet where you should be using a scalpel."  Too bad that hatchet only amounts to 1 fucking percent of the deficit!

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