Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Joys Of Hypocrisy

Some of you may have witnessed my short lived rant about hypocrisy in yesterday’s post. In that post, I attacked my fellow Republicans for wishing for more troops, and then getting upset when President Obama announced exactly that. Today, I am going to include a few more examples of hypocrisy from both the left and the right side of the aisle.

The Right:

1) There are some talk show hosts, and media members on the right, that called Obama’s speech at the military academy, a publicity ploy. Before he spoke, they said that the only reason he was doing it there was for publicity, and that it was nothing more then a cheap stunt. Those same people are now calling out Chris Matthews for saying that the military academy was “the enemy camp” and saying that Obama had every right to speak there.

Don’t get me wrong, I am utterly disgusted that anyone, let alone a member of the media, would mention “enemy camp” while talking about a military academy. These are men and women who are prepared to die for their country. Regardless of how you are trying to phrase it, you should never call the men and women who protect your freedoms, “the enemy”.

2) These same talk show hosts, from the political right, are making light of the fact that before Obama’s speech, the Commandant of the Academy reminded the students how to greet the President, and warned them against acting out. I am sure that this was part of a general speech divulging that the President was coming, and was not a specific warning. I can guarantee, that although the talk show host would say otherwise, the very same speech was given when Bush was going to be speaking.

I guess what irks me the most about this part is that these talk show hosts are clearly showing their lack of information about the military and how it works. Every time I was involved in a briefing that involved anything higher than an O-5, I was given a review of how to act. I have been presented awards by, inspected by, and had breakfast with many officers during my military career. Just because I was reminded how to act, did not mean I did not already know how to act. To make light of this situation insinuates that our military members needed to be reminded how to act when their Commander in Chief was present. Frankly, that is a slap in the face. Our men and women in the service are apparently much more professional then some would give them credit for.

The Left (Don’t think you’re getting off that easy)

1) When President Bush was in office, there were many on the left that would poke fun at his military record. They called him a draft dodger, said his daddy called in favor’s for him, and even made fun of the fact that he served in the Reserves, and not Active Duty. You will notice that these same people, elected someone with absolutely no military experience and he is tasked with making decisions about our military.

2) When it comes to crime and punishment, the political left is the dictionary definition of hypocrisy. Honestly, it is disgusting the way they manipulate the justice system to do what they want with it. As most of us know now, they are going to put the 9/11 conspirators on trial in New York City. The reasoning behind this is that we need to show the world that if you break the laws, you will be tried, and you will be punished. Really?

Maybe someone should tell that to the gentleman who was beat up by two members of the SEIU, simply because he was selling Don’t Tread on Me flags at a tea party rally. I’m sure you’re thinking, many witnesses, probably cameras, that’s an open and shut case. Well, you’d be wrong. In a symbolic kick to the nuts, the DA’s office has decided to charge these two men with a civil disobedience charge, instead of a Felony Assault charge.

Don’t get me started on the fact that he was a black man, and Jesse Jackson’s race-baiting ass isn’t anywhere to be seen. (Note: I am not a racist. I hate it when the Race card is played, and I despise Jesse Jackson, but if you are going to do something, at least be equal about it, otherwise, you look like an idiot. )

Maybe you should also mention it to the voters who were intimidated by the New Black Panther Party. Some of you may have heard of this story. Basically, two black men, claiming to be members of the “New Black Panther Party” stood outside a polling station with clubs, and basically attempted to intimidate anyone who walked into the polling place. These men were charged with Voter Intimidation, which is a serious crime, and thanks to the left’s new buddy Eric Holder, the charges were dropped.

Better yet, how about we take a look into ACORN, and their illegal activities. You know, the company that was giving advice to two actors about how to set up an illegal child prostitution ring? How to use Government money, the money we pay in taxes, to set up a house to operate a brothel out of. These people even educated them on how to hide the earnings, and how to claim some of them to still be legit. Some of you are starting to scream at the monitor, or your Kindle, and say, but Bunny, they cut off all funding to ACORN. It was an effort by both sides of the political spectrum. As much as I would love for that to be right, there are already lawmakers trying to funnel money back to ACORN.

3) This one is more of a personal experience, but it highlights my point and it is what made me want to write this piece. A girl I used to know in the military recently hurt her knee. She was complaining that the military doctors would only give her pain meds, and wouldn’t MRI it. She was upset that she would have to wait two weeks, and then if there was still pain, they would look at it more, and consider surgery. She ended it with WTF?!?!?!? My response to her was, “Thank goodness for government run health care. Good thing you get to leave that behind with the military, right? Oh wait… There’s that whole Universal Health Care thing…. Ooops.” Instead of maybe admit that I had a point, and that she hadn’t considered that (She happens to be a Democrat, and voted for Obama) her response was, “I actually think that private insurance would put up more of a fight with denying pre-authorizations and stuff. Just found out that a MRI costs over $1500, which actually is very costly. On a side note, pain killers make me happy.”

For starters, that flip-flop was so fast I almost got whiplash. And 2, I recently had a baby with my wife, and during her pregnancy, she had to go to the ER. She had an ultrasound done, in the ER, and we didn’t pay a penny for it. I, of course, have private insurance, and they never said a word about it.

The point of all of this is this: If you are going to pick a side, stick with that side. It is stupid, and makes you look ignorant, if you flip flop your position, simply because you can not admit you are wrong. Having said that, it is time for me to eat a little humble pie. I mentioned yesterday that the only thing I disagreed with on Obama’s strategy was waiting so long to make a decision. According to reports I have heard, none of the plans presented by the Generals on the ground involved troops going into country before the 1st of the year anyway. So I am retracting that comment based on new information.

One last thing before I go, and this is a little off topic. Don’t we want a President who gives a speech that includes the words “win” or “victory”. If you were given a pep talk by your coach before a game, don’t you want to hear “win” and “victory”? I am sure that even the coach of the New Jersey Nets, who are 0-18, still tells them they can “win” and to strive for “victory”. President Obama didn’t use either of those words in his speech. I’m glad he’s devoting the manpower to the war, but are we even focusing on winning anymore? I don’t think there should be any other goal on our minds, but victory.

- Bunny

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