Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fluffy Bunny

The Story of Fluffy Bunny

As has been requested by a few people, and mainly because I think it is funny, I am going to detail how Fluffy and myself both got our nicknames in Technical School for the USAF. Fluffy used to refer to me by my full name. Everywhere we went, and everything he asked me, it was my full name that he would use. Eventually, I got tired of it, so I told him to stop referring to me by my full name. He responds with, “Ok, fine, I’m going to call you the furthest thing from your real name.” At this point, he claims to have seen a chocolate Easter Bunny in the room and tells me that he is going to call me Easter Bunny from now on. For about a month, he calls me Easter Bunny, which then leads to Bunny, and now B.

We were having a discussion with our class about the jobs in the porno industry. The conversation eventually got around to the “fluffer” position. Being that our class was filled with 10 other guys and one cunt (we’ll call her Skank Whore), the juvenile humor was running rampant. The guys in our class decided that if Fluffy were indeed Fluffy, and I was Bunny, whenever we were together, we would be Fluffy Bunny.

And so the names were handed out. And Fluffy, if you have a problem with it, remember, you’re the one who named me Easter Bunny.


  1. You are a misogynist, warped whacko that denigrates all that are not exactly as you are. Your blog is indeed offensive, but at least you now permit responses.

  2. If you don't like it, don't read it. Simple as that. No one is asking you to be here.