Wednesday, June 2, 2010


A reader yesterday posted a comment, and it made me realize that my Memorial Day Flag Burning post needed a little clarification. The following quote was received from Anonymous:

"While it is true that men and women around the world defend the right of free speech, to include flag burning, what happened was not a statement of free speech. Free speech is bought and paid for with the blood of Patriots, and it empowers the citizens of our country in ways that others, around the world, will never be able to experience. However with power comes responsibility. The flags were not owned by the individuals that desecrated them. It would be the same as if they had destroyed your car and set it on fire in your drive way. So before you defend those that did this asked yourself if you would want a flag in your yard or attached to your house set on fire, while you and your family slept inside. "

I agree 100% with what this reader said. What these people did was illegal. If you burn someone elses property, as the reader said, it is a crime. Period. Free Speech does not get you around that. These people who burned other peoples stuff were cowards. It is really easy to vandalize someone stuff when they aren't there to stop you, and thats what cowards like these look forward to.

I hope no one who read the entry thought that I was trying to defend the actions of these people. The thought of someone burning a flag makes my blood boil. It enfuriates me. However, that is a right you are given thanks to the sacrifice of thousands of men and women.(If it is your own property that you want to burn.)

My only goal with that entry was to point out the hypocrisy of burning the banner that represents your very rights to burn said banner. If this were to happen in some countries, you would face legal reprecussions. We live in the greatest nation on earth, and without the sacrifices that have been made in the name of that flag, we would have nothing.

Again, burning a flag disgusts me. PEOPLE who burn a flag, disgust me. But I will lay my life down to defend your right to do that because if we take away one right, we have to take them all away, and that is not how America works.


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